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Welcome to Bashbrothers!!

     If your interested in joining Bashbrothers be sure to read over our guild Charter. If you feel we would be a good fit please contact us via in-game or through mail on portal.

Guild Charter

     First and foremost we are all playing a game. We play to have fun and progress and we join a guild to have fun with others and get through content that requires more then one person to do. This guild is about doing that while being patient, helpful and respectful to one another.
     We take our guild name an it's reputation very seriously. In all that you do in game remember that Bashbrothers is over your head and all that you do reflects upon the integrity of this guild and the other players in it.


1. We are primarily adults in this guild and cursing is not prohibited.
2. Cussing out other guild mates or players in game will not be tolerated in Bashbrothers. If you have a problem with someone express it in a non-belligerent way.

Power Leveling:

1. If you join this guild and the first thing that comes out of you in guild chat is "Can someone power level me?" You will be immediately booted.
2. Don't ask to be power leveled. We help people level all the time and someone will offer if they have the time.
3. We want you to know your toon and how to play it. Power leveling can also hinder your knowledge of your toon and how to play it.

Loot Rules:

1. As of right now loot rules are pretty loose. Everyone shares in the guild as of now so we don't have problems.
2. If someone abuses loot rules you will more than likely not be invited to guild groups.
3. If someone abuses loot rules outside of guild groups and there is a complaint after 3 complaints you will be removed from the guild.
4. If it's for your primary class and you will be wearing the item it's need.
5. If it's for a secondary or third class  or primary class for stats it's greed.
6. If you are in a non guild group ask about guild rune loot rules as far as need or greed.

Extended Leave of Absence:

1. If you are going to be out of game for an extended amount of time please let one of the guild leaders know.
2. Anyone who has not been on for 30 or more days and has not notified leaders will be removed from the guild.
3. If you come back to the game you can be reinvited.

We are not a micro managed guild. There are unspoken rules of common sense and courtesy that if we have to make it a rule then you probably wouldn't be a good fit for the guild.

This Charter is subject to change based on leadership change, guild size, progression and game evolution.

Guild News

New Website!

Jheam, Dec 11, 11 11:58 AM.
Hail Mates! Welcome to our guild website. As we develop the site your input will be greatly appreciated. Be sure to check out the forums and post freely. This site will be our greatest tool for communication and organization.
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